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Factors That Distinguish Hemp From Marijuana

Oftentimes, people confuse between Hemp and Marijuana. Some message forums and nonprofessional blogs can easily mislead individuals who are interested to know more about Hemp and Marijuana. Knowing the difference between Hemp and Marijuana will help you stand out from the crowd. You can quickly know the difference between Hemp and Marijuana when you read more about them. The following are the differences between marijuana and hemp.

You will acknowledge more about that Hemp and Marijuana are two different things when you keenly observe their leaves. contrary to the lean leaves which Hemp possesses, the leaves of marijuana are spread out, and the buds are closely packed.

Also, the only difference is in the plants. The sizes of hemp and marijuana plants differ in that, Hemp is taller and skinnier while marijuana is shorter and thicker. More so, branches are rare in the lower part of Hemp while Marijuana has several branches on its lower part too.

The composition of the two plants also differs. The concentration level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is higher in marijuana and much lower in hemp. Also there is so much cannabidiol (CBD) in Hemp when compared to marijuana.

The other elements that separate Marijuana and Hemp is their uses. Marijuana is used for recreational purposes because it contains so much THC that cause psychoactive effects when consumed. More about ways in which you can consume marijuana include ingesting, smoking, inhaling and inserting it into the bloodstream. Also, companies usually extract THC compound from marijuana to make vaporizers, edibles and many more. The users of Hemp are making paper, building materials, oils, clothes and biological fuels, so many other things.

The legality of Hemp and Marijuana also differ. Several states allow Hemp as long as it’s THC levels remain at 0.3%. When you cultivate Hemp yet it is illegal, the action that can be taken against you is usually less severe compared to when you cultivate marijuana. A lot of countries in the world consider marijuana illegal due to its high percentages of THC. However, some countries where marijuana is legal because of its potential to become useful in the medical field.

Also, Hemp and Marijuana grow in different environments. Hemp can be grown more about as close as four inches apart while marijuana requires approximately 6 feet of space between them to grow appropriately. Also, Hemp can do well in a lot of climates, but marijuana is delicate and can only grow in a controlled environment which is warm and humid. It is also important that you know more about Hemp and Marijuana require that you brought them in separate fields. The main reason why is that Hemp’s pollen grains can lessen the psychoactive capabilities of marijuana when they get into the marijuana flowers..